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Using STABILO® Highlighters improves productivity and efficiency in the office and enhances your memory retention when studying or revising.

So how does using different colours affect us in the workplace and how
can highlighting increase understanding, productivity and efficiency?

The colour of your office may affect your mood, but the colours in your presentations may equally have an effect on your audience.
In the same way, the notes that you take down in meetings can be more memorable and easier to read if you use colour.

Here are some facts:

  • Colour increases willingness to read and motivation by up to 80%
  • Colour enhances learning and memory retention by up to 78%
  • Colour makes important points stand out from the page
  • Colour stimulates senses and engages emotions

There are various techniques that you can use when taking notes, studying and revising to improve the impact on your brain. These range from the simple use of different highlighter colours for each topic, to choosing specific colours to prioritise responsibilities and actions.

STABILO® invented the BOSS® Original Highlighter in 1971 and it is now famous all over the world as the Highlighter with the unique distinctive shape that writes further and lasts longer. Back in 1971 it was only available in Yellow but it now comes in a glorious spectrum of 15 different shades, from the brightest orange to the prettiest lilac. The six pastel shades are a subtle alternative to the traditional neon glow and perfect for readers with an aversion to bright colours. The chisel tip on STABILO BOSS writes in line widths of 2 and 5mm and is perfect for drawing fine lines, broad lines and underling and marking. Some people even use it for colouring in.

Over the years, STABILO have constantly expanded their highlighter range and developed award winning designs in different shapes and sizes to fit your brief case, pocket or pencil case. All STABILO Highlighters have a 4 hour cap off time so the ink won't dry out if you forget to put the cap back on while you are working or studying.

Europe's best selling pocket highlighter is the STABILO® swing® cool which is also available in neon and pastel shades. The chisel tip draws fine lines, underlines and highlights in widths of 1 to 4 mm and has the same anti dry-out in formula as STABILO BOSS.