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Save up to 70%, and never run out of ink

What do I get

  • You'll get ink cartridges delivered automatically, before you run low (not monthly)
  • Ink, shipping and prepaid recycling envelopes are included.
  • Easily track how many pages you print in your dashboard.

Explore payment options

Everyone saves, no matter how much you print

"I print rarely"

Save up to 70%, and never run out of ink

£ 0.99 per month
Print 15 pages/month

"I print a little"

Save up to 70%, and never run out of ink

£ 1.99 per month
Print 50 pages/month

"I print a lot"

Save up to 70%, and never run out of ink

£ 3.49 per month
Print 100 pages/month

"I print for work"

Save up to 70%, and never run out of ink

£ 9.99 per month
Print 300 pages/month

"I'm a small business"

Save up to 70%, and never run out of ink

£ 22.49 per month
Print 700 pages/month

Have an eligible HP Instant Ink Printer?

Check to see if your HP printer works with Instant Ink »

Eligible Printers

HP DeskJet 2620 Series
HP DeskJet 2630 Series
HP DeskJet 2710 Series
HP DeskJet 2720 Series
HP DeskJet 3630 Series
HP DeskJet 3720 Series
HP DeskJet 3730 Series
HP DeskJet 3750 Series
HP DeskJet 3760 Series
HP DeskJet Plus 4110 Series
HP DeskJet Plus 4120 Series
HP DeskJet Plus 4130 Series
HP ENVY 4500 Series
HP ENVY 4520 Series
HP ENVY 5010 Series
HP ENVY 5020 Series
HP ENVY 5030 Series
HP ENVY 5050 Series
HP ENVY 5530 Series
HP ENVY 5540 Series
HP ENVY 5640 Series
HP ENVY 6010 Series
HP ENVY 6020 Series
HP ENVY 6030 Series
HP ENVY 7640 Series
HP ENVY Photo 6220 Series
HP ENVY Photo 6230 Series
HP ENVY Photo 7120 Series
HP ENVY Photo 7130 Series
HP ENVY Photo 7820 Series
HP ENVY Photo 7830 Series
HP ENVY Pro 6420 Series
HP ENVY Pro 6430 Series
HP OfficeJet 3830 Series
HP OfficeJet 4630 Series
HP OfficeJet 4650 Series
HP OfficeJet 5220 Series
HP OfficeJet 5230 Series
HP OfficeJet 5740 Series
HP OfficeJet 6950 Series
HP OfficeJet 8010 Series
HP OfficeJet Pro 6830 Series
HP OfficeJet Pro 6960 Series
HP OfficeJet Pro 6970 Series
HP OfficeJet Pro 8020 Series
HP OfficeJet Pro 8210 Series
HP OfficeJet Pro 8610 Series
HP OfficeJet Pro 8620 Series
HP OfficeJet Pro 8710 Series
HP OfficeJet Pro 8720 Series
HP OfficeJet Pro 8730 Series
HP OfficeJet Pro 8740 Series
HP OfficeJet Pro 9010 Series
HP OfficeJet Pro 9020 Series

Go ahead, print your full colour photos.
They cost the same as black and white pages.

With HP Instant Ink, your monthly fee is based on the number of pages you print, not on the amount of ink you use.

You never have to worry again about printing in black and white to avoid using your colour ink cartridges.

No, you'll never run out of ink again.

Your printer tells us that you're low on ink, so we know when to send you more - delivered straight to your door.

You won't get cartridges every month, but you will always have ink when you need it.

Your monthly fee pays for ink, shipping and recycling.

Yes you can change plans or cancel online at any time without penalty.

If you are not sure how much you print or your printing needs change month to month, you can start with any plan and change your plan online at any time on your HP Instant Ink account page.

Frequently Asked Questions.

How does HP Instant Ink work?

Instant Ink is HP's ink delivery service: a new way to print that's affordable and easy.

Once you sign up to the Service, forget about going to the store again to buy cartridges!

Your printer will tell us when you're about to run out of ink and we will send you automattically new cartridges before you need them.

We offer you different plans to choose from according to the numbers of pages per month you print, no matter if you print in colour or in black and white.

Your monthly fee inclues ink usage, shopping and recycling.

And don't worry if your print needs change, you can easily change your plan anytime or cancel the service without pentalties.

Where is HP Instant Ink available?

HP Instant Ink is currently available in the United States, Canada, United Kingdom, Germany, France, Spain, Republic of Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Belgium, Luxembourg, Austria, Portugal, Switzerland, Norway, Sweden, Denmark and Finland.

We’re planning on expanding, so keep checking back for updates on when HP Instant Ink will be available in other countries.

There are some regions or locations in the UK that are not eligible for the HP Instant Ink program, these include: The Channel Islands (Jersey and Guernsey), Alderney, Sark, Herm and Gibraltar.

What do I need to sign up?

To sign up to the HP Instant Ink service you need:

  • An HP printer that is compatible with this service.
  • An Internet connection for your printer.
  • A valid email address.
  • A valid payment method (for billing pruposes): Credit card, direct debit, PayPal or HP Instant Ink Prepaid card*.

* Not all payment methods may be available in all countries.
Your printer is not compatible? Click Here

Should I sign up if I still have ink?

Don't worry if you still have ink in your current printer. Get ready now for when you run low on ink! When you sign up to the Service, we will send you a Welcome Package with your Instant Ink cartridges. Your billing will not start until your Instant Ink cartridges are inserted into your printer.

If you just bought a new printer that comes with Instant Ink cartridges already inside, you may be offered a Trial period if you sign up to the Service within the 7 days following the Printer Installation.

Try the service and your monthly fee will only start after the Trial period.

In case you sign up after the 7 days, you won't be eligible for the Trial period and your service and billing won't start until you insert your Welcome Package Instant Ink cartridges into your printer.

HP Instant Ink Terms of Service

FMS Instant Ink Promotion Valid until the 31/12/2020.